Matthew Rudd

Forgotten 80s

With Matthew Rudd

Matthew was the kid at school who everyone turned to for pop trivia. If you wanted him on your quiz team at Christmas, or needed to know what the indecipherable lyric of the new Level 42 single was, he was your man. He was buying Smash Hits and taping Top Of The Pops from the age of 10 and learning the words to every hit of the era by writing them out, by hand, in an A4 book while covering the front with stickers of his favourite pop stars. He also got hold of a spare exercise book from school and wrote out the Top 40 each week in it, including up/down/non-mover arrows and previous positions in brackets. He has all of the 80s Now! and Hits albums on cassette, each acquired when they were first released, and owns every Top 40 hit of the decade. Yes, even that one by Fred Wedlock.

After 15 years as a journeyman commercial radio presenter in the north, Matthew became host of his dream show in 2010 - an eclectic 80s programme on Q Radio, bringing him to a national audience and earning him a cult following, especially on Twitter. Absolute 80s then took him on in May 2013 to produce and host something even dreamier; Forgotten 80s, the show that reminds you of the obscurer stuff of the decade as well as the hits that never were. It's on Sundays at 7pm and has the hashtag #Forgotten80s. The show is then repeated on Thursday nights at 9pm. If you want to know any of the tracklistings, Matthew puts them all on his Forgotten 80s Blog, plus we list all the tracks played on our playlist.

It's the only show Matthew does now, as he recently turned 40 and decided to embark on a new career as a swimming teacher and lifeguard. He is from East Yorkshire and spends his spare time walking his Basset hounds and watching - and writing about - Hull City, the other love of his childhood that has continued to endure.