Richie Firth

Richie Firth

As co-presenter on the Christian O'Connell Breakfast Show, Richie Firth is the 'Goose' to Christian's 'Maverick' - and one half of the ultimate radio odd couple. His unhealthy obsession with trains, picky food habits, insatiable love of Arsenal Football Club and clumsy behaviour have made him a vital part of each morning's programme - and his on-air rows with Christian have become a part of what makes the Breakfast Show so unique.

Born and raised in Eastbourne, Richie eventually moved to Bournemouth, where he lived and worked until 2008. His jobs on the south coast included groundsman for Sussex County Cricket Club, a role in which he took great pride. It was in Bournemouth where Richie secured his first big job in radio, as travel reporter for 2CRFM.

He went on to work on the station's breakfast show for a decade - some of his memories of the first years in the jobs include an on-air parachute jump and wing walking... all dressed as a chicken! It also was while at 2CRFM that Richie first worked with Christian O'Connell - the two developed a close friendship that lasts until this day.

Richie's arrival at One Golden Square in 2008 was initially as executive producer on the Absolute Radio Breakfast Show, but the on-air combination of him and Christian proved too irresistible, and he became the permanent co-presenter. Since that time, Richie has scaled such broadcasting heights as accidentally calling David Haye 'Audley', destroying the engine on an antique car by filling it up with diesel instead of unleaded during an on-air road trip, as well as reuniting his Eastbourne school football team from 1988 for One Last Game against a team of listeners recruited by Christian.

Richie himself cites his highlights at Absolute Radio as including the team's Christmas broadcast from Lapland (where his two kids got to meet Father Christmas) - and interviewing Daniel Craig, at which time Richie admits to having developed a full-scale 'man crush'.

When he isn't waking up the nation on the Breakfast Show, Richie is a presenter on Absolute 80s and hosts a show filled with classic music from the 80s every weekday afternoon.