Listen on your mobile

Listen on your iPhone or Android Phone.

Listen to Absolute 80s on your Apple iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, or Android phone by downloading one of our free Absolute Radio apps. You can listen live to all Absolute Radio stations and find out what's playing. Not only that, but the app features background streaming if you want to get on with something else while you listen.

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Listen on your Blackberry or Windows Phone.

Absolute 80s is also available for Blackberry and Windows Phone. Click on one of the options below to get Absolute 80s on your mobile phone:

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Listen on your Nokia phone.

The Absolute Radio app is also available for Symbian handsets:

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Please refer to Absolute Radio's complete mobile guide for more information on supported handsets and FAQs.

What does it cost?

Absolute Radio mobile apps are free to download on all platforms, and listening via your phone's FM receiver is of course free, but you should always check your plan's data usage terms before trying to stream Absolute Radio on your mobile phone. If you have an unlimited data plan, such as O2's Pay-Monthly iPhone Tariffs, you should not be charged for using the app. We DO NOT recommend you try unless you have an unlimited data plan. You should also check what your plan says about overseas data usage if you are planning on listening while abroad.