Listen on DAB digital radio

You can tune in to Absolute 80s on your DAB radio nationwide.

Once upon a time, you could only get Absolute 80s on DAB radio in London, but we've now rolled it out to every corner of the UK, so you can now listen no matter where you live. Because of this change, you're probably going to need to retune your radio to make sure you can keep on listening to the UK's only 80s radio station, whether you’re in London or not. Retuning your radio is really easy, and to help you out, we've put together these handy step-by-step videos...

What is DAB Digital Radio?

It's a way of getting the family of Absolute Radio stations in digital quality, on things that look like radios.

Why do I want one?

  • No interference from pirates
  • No frequencies to remember
  • More info, like what's playing now
  • More stations from Absolute Radio (in selected areas)

How do I spot one?

Most new radios in electrical stores are DAB Digital Radios, but some aren't. Make sure - check for one of these logos on the box or on the radio itself:

Logos: DAB Digital Radio

Can I get DAB Digital Radio?

Probably, yes. Absolute 80s and Absolute Radio are on the most extensive digital radio transmitter network in the country, with a hundred transmitters covering over 90% of the population. Check your coverage

Where can I buy one?

Any high-street electrical store will sell you one. Or look below.

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